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  Branch 1 : Cprner Of Maharat St., After The Sixth Sq., Shiraz Industrial Town, Shiraz, Iran

Branch 2 : 308 St., North Pazhohesh St., Shiraz Industrial Town, Shiraz, Iran

According to the official endowment letter No. 198455, Danesh Salamat Kowsar Co. , on 06/17/2012, has dedicated all its one hundred shares and capitals to: 50% endowment to Shahid Rajaei Hospital in Shiraz, 25% endowment to Trauma Research Center of Shiraz University of Medical Science, and 25% to helping the needy patients. By applying the above changes, it has started a novel period of its activities as an endowment under the supervision of the Endowment and Charity Organization.       More

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