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According to the official endowment letter No. 198455, Danesh Salamat Kowsar Co. , on 06/17/2012, has dedicated all its one hundred shares and capitals to: 50% endowment to Shahid Rajaei Hospital in Shiraz, 25% endowment to Trauma Research Center of Shiraz University of Medical Science, and 25% to helping the needy patients.  By applying the above changes, it has started a novel period of its activities as an endowment under the supervision of the Endowment and Charity Organization.

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Danesh Salamat Kowsar Co.

Danesh Salamat Kowsar Co., a manufacturer of orthopedic, neurosurgery, spine, sports and dental implants, centered the main focus of its policy as “unremitting efforts for the growth and improvement of Iran and Iranians” and commits to prioritize the following principles as its permanent goals and take steps towards continuous improvement.


Danesh Salamat Kowsar Co.

Danesh Salamat Kowsar Co. Knowledge think that one day it will be the best in the field of production and distribution of medical equipment in the Islamic republic of Iran.

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